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People share a different viewpoint on incarceration and this changes the attention to prisoners. Unremitting abuses physical and emotional are common in prisons and depending on the length of the incarceration can have a diverse impact on an individual. Freedom is a fact that people neglect up until they such a privilege is taken away. The attitude to prisoners is usually built around each person’s attitude towards them and some state they deserve the mistreatment.

The prison walls have a wide array of mistreatment inform of torture which is worse than losing the personal freedom. The effects of this torture affect one’s consciousness and mental state and people end up worse than the time they were incarcerated. Such acts go against what the institutions stand for as a correctional facility.

Transitioning back into a community can be a complex process for the offenders, however it can be as equally complex or stressful for families and communities. However, with our re-entry program we can provide ample support to anyone struggling with substance abuse issues, lack of education or experience, limited housing, work and training options and mental health issues.

Options are only as limited as your imagination; if you’re struggling to imagine a brighter future we will help by sharing our vision of possibility. We help the previously incarcerated to take hold of the freedom they have been granted to lay foundations for a strong and stable future.

We work alongside inmates during their sentence to help build confidence and provide practical support. With over 626,000 people gaining their freedom each year it can be easy for some people to be left behind by the system, which is why we founded Visions of Tomorrow NC. We’ve helped people from all walks of life help achieve their goals on the outside by offering;

Job Training

Resume writing

Housing support

Job placement

Advocation advice to help strengthen familial bonds.

Membership Information

The diverse operations of Visions of Tomorrow NC depend largely on its members who continue to contribute in various ways to help the organization met its objectives. You can donate your quota to this honorable cause or volunteer to serve in any of our membership capacities to help the children of offenders or help those previously incarcerated individuals in ways that the government has failed to assist.

It doesn’t matter in which area you come in; our widespread operations require the input of a larger team to ensure that all previously incarcerated people under our program are catered for. By supporting the children with school supplies, clothing, Christmas gifts or aid offenders transitioning back to the community with housing support, job placement or continuous education, you are contributing to the goals of the organization.

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