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Creating a safe landing in society for ex-offenders.

Who We Are

At Visions of Tomorrow™, we provide support for NC inmates and their children. When a family member is incarcerated or sentenced, it can be incredibly difficult on a family, especially on the children.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all activities have been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later time.

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What We Do

When a family member is incarcerated or sentenced, it can be incredibly difficult on a family, especially on the children. Visions of Tomorrow NC is here to help, we act as your advocates, guiding you through the very complex criminal justice system. We are here to support the family during the incarceration of a friend or family member. We provide family members access to information after sentencing like means of contact, location, visitation schedule, phone providers and sending money so they can stay in touch with their loved one.

Our Mission

Visions of Tomorrow NC consistently provides necessary services that aid the efforts of previously incarcerated people to re-enter the workforce and the society in general. These services contribute greatly to the integration of these individuals into society and ensure that they are not left behind by the system regardless of their social status. In line with this aim, we provide the following services:

Occupational training tailored to fit the individual and ensure direct job placement

Custom job placement based on the individual’s skills and career inclinations

Robust housing support that ensure that newly released people stay off the streets

Aid the Children of Offenders

We also provide the enlightenment by using educational resources to assist family members and friends in advocating for their dearly beloved

Membership Information

The diverse operations of Visions of Tomorrow NC depend largely on its members who continue to contribute in various ways to help the organization met its objectives. You can donate your quota to this honorable cause or volunteer to serve in any of our membership capacities to help the children of offenders or help those previously incarcerated individuals in ways that the government has failed to assist.

It doesn’t matter in which area you come in; our widespread operations require the input of a larger team to ensure that all previously incarcerated people under our program are catered for. By supporting the children with school supplies, clothing, Christmas gifts or aid offenders transitioning back to the community with housing support, job placement or continuous education, you are contributing to the goals of the organization.

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