Visions of Tomorrow NC Focuses on the
Children of Those Incarcerated

“If we don’t stand up for children, then we don’t stand for much.”

Marian Wright Edelman, Founder of the Children’s Defense Fund

The children of those incarcerated suffer the most. Their young lives are affected by many new challenges including imbalances in their home life. At Visions of Tomorrow NC, we support those children by helping them navigate the resulting economic hardships, emotional stress, or health issues.

There is no doubt about the adverse effects the incarceration of a parent has on the child. It tends to distort the affected child’s mental health, educational prospects, and social behavior. Such children are known to abuse substances and experience poor academic performances, delinquency, depression, and aggression. Through our collaboration with our partners, Visions of Tomorrow NC addresses the needs of these children and offer them the necessary support. Children are now able to spend a day with their incarcerated parents, or at least get a phone call from them; thanks to our Members, Donors and Partners.

Special programs run by Visions of Tomorrow NC

An Annual School Supply Drive

Visions of Tomorrow NC Members, Volunteers along with Board Trustees work to identify the needs of the children for a successful start to the school year. We solicit and gather monetary donations from our Members and generous donors to purchase and distribute School Supplies.

An Annual Coat Drive

Visions of Tomorrow NC Members, Volunteers along with Board Trustees solicit and gather monetary donations from our Members and generous donors to purchase and distribute Coats to those in need. This program also relies on the generous support of corporations, businesses, retailers, and wholesalers, who graciously donate coats as well as monetary contributions. All monetary donations given to the annual Coat Drive are used to purchase, ship, and distribute coats to children in need.

Visions of Tomorrow NC Scholarship Program

Visions of Tomorrow NC Scholarship Program is open to underrepresented, low-income and first-generation college-bound students. Students must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in (Business, Engineering, Accounting, Sociology or Criminal Justice). Our goal is to help more students as the program grows.

Programs that Visions of Tomorrow NC needs help expanding include

Economic Well Being

Identify and provide emergency assistance when available

Separation from Parent

We seek to identify and provide guidance and resources to children who begin to show behavioral changes. We try to avoid these situations by providing early interventional support to the Children, Parents and Guardians. These include resources to address:

Visions of Tomorrow NC can provide these services to the Children of those incarcerated thanks to the funding provided by our Members, Partners, Donors as well as the dedication of our Volunteers and Board of Trustees. We need your support.

Visions of Tomorrow NC is a 501 c3 organization dedicated to supporting and promoting reentry efforts by offering a variety of services that aid those being released from prison. When you volunteer or donate, you will be:

  • Creating a safe landing in society for ex-offenders and help equip them as well as their families for the challenges they will face before and after their release.
  • Preventing recidivism by helping reshape ex-offenders lives with a Vision for Tomorrow that includes hope, opportunity and community support. Provide the support necessary to ensure those returning home do not fall victim to a system and society which often stigmatizes them.

Your Donation to Visions of Tomorrow NC is Tax Deductible

The Visions of Tomorrow NC Scholarships

The goal of the Visions of Tomorrow NC Scholarship Program will be to award as many partial scholarships as can be funded by our generous donors and fund raisers.

  • The Visions of Tomorrow NC Scholarship Program Partial Scholarship award will be for $1000 per year to the eligible, accepted and approved student.
  • It is our Vision of Tomorrow to offer gift cards to some applications denied the scholarship for use on housing/dorm needs and/or school supplies.

The Visions of Tomorrow NC Scholarship Program Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Student applicants must be the legal dependent and resident in North Carolina
  • Student applicants must be low-income (no more than 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines at time of application) and first-generation college-bound students
  • Student applicants must be an incoming freshman enrolled full-time at an accredited four-year college or university with a minimum 3.0 GPA and must be able to demonstrate financial need. Must be a resident of NC.
  • All applications must be in no later than March 31st for the requested year. 


(Eligibility and awards will be made by an appointed board of three volunteers. The decision of the judges is final and may not be contested or passed on judicially. Before scholarship applications are received and are officially awarded, the Administrators of VOT NC will pass, publish and distribute a full set of legal guidelines for the awarding of scholarships.)

Become a Member of Visions of Tomorrow NC

The diverse operations of Visions of Tomorrow NC depend largely on its Members who contribute in various ways to help the organization meet its objectives. You can donate, volunteer to serve in any of our Membership capacities to help the children of offenders.

Our diverse operations require input from a team to ensure that all incarcerated people, their families, and children receive vital services. By supporting the children with school supplies, clothing, Christmas gifts or educational support, you are contributing to the goals of the organization.

Please join us by becoming a Sustaining Member Today Or Donate here at any time