Prison Alliance

Welcome To Prison Alliance

Through our faith-led prison coalition, we instil hope, educate and alleviate loneliness amongst inmates. We’re here to fight your corner before and after your release because basic human rights should never be optional. A staggering amount of people are currently incarcerated without being convicted of a crime before a trial, we help you bring the trial to head and provide support through the process.

Our Mission

Through a strong partnership with our faith-based community, we can offer a platform for criminal justice advocacy, education and raise awareness to end the human carnage taking place inside our prisons.

Churches have a large following of individuals who can also lead to an immense change in the society through their attitude and acts. With this in mind, it is crucial to have the backing of the faith institution in the fight against behavioral change. The collaborative approach with churches is welcomed as a positive change within a community can be pushed by members of the congregation. A strong advocacy from the church can force the change of policy in the correctional facilities.

Importance of joining our cause

A sane community that is able to cohesively leave together with each individual supporting each other can be achieved through everyone being part of the change. Understanding what happens in each institution that are mandated with behavioral change is influential to the cause at hand. Families’ cohesiveness is structured through human treatment regardless of the state, color, and power. The economic burden should not be a cause for mistreatment and the same should not lead to insecurity in the society. Human atrocities can be controlled when everyone tries to work together and help each other in the society. Such can be achieved through educating the public who can call for the reforms as a collective approach.


Through you, we can empower others around and impact the community positively and change the attitude towards those incarcerated. This will translate to a transparent and stable community achieved through:

Membership Information

The diverse operations of Visions of Tomorrow NC depend largely on its members who continue to contribute in various ways to help the organization met its objectives. You can donate your quota to this honorable cause or volunteer to serve in any of our membership capacities to help the children of offenders or help those previously incarcerated individuals in ways that the government has failed to assist. 

It doesn’t matter in which area you come in; our widespread operations require the input of a larger team to ensure that all children of incarcerated people under our program are catered for. By supporting the children with school supplies, clothing, Christmas gifts or Scholarships, you are contributing to the goals of the organization.